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Mosca Design Building Front and Custom Wreaths

Mosca Design provides holiday decorations for lifestyle/shopping centers, commercial mall and municipalities of all sizes.  When it comes to wreaths, Mosca Design has been providing commercial custom wreaths for over 30 years.  These wreaths range from something as small as 24 inch diameter, to something like 5 foot diameter.  Even as big as 14 foot diameter.

Our selection of huge holiday wreaths can either be mounted on building fronts or even on light poles.  They are built with top quality materials and are reinforced with either 2 or 3 steel frames.  Our wide array of bows, lights, and ornaments help make the wreath display unique.  Our commercial grade wreaths are also built to withstand the elements, be as sturdy as possible, and last a long time.

If you are looking for commercial holiday decor for Christmas, let Mosca Design help make your commercial mall or shopping center the envy of others. 

Mosca Design is internationally recognized as the most life-like of Giant Artificial Wreaths & Trees. Quality artificial wreaths garlands and sprays made for any space. Wreaths range from 24 inch diameter to large enough to drive a car through. Our lush garlands boast a hardy 14 inch diameter thickness. 64 inch mountain pine wreath! Giant Holiday Wreaths & Decorations.

Giant Wreaths deck the halls  with our festive Mosca Design! We offer the finest selection of prelit wreaths that can be used indoors and outdoors, including commercial Christmas wreaths up to an impressive 12'. Our magnificent decorated Christmas wreaths and teardrops are adorned with a Mosca Holiday Bow. We have many sizes, including 24, 36, 48, and 72 inch varieties with custom orders for Giant wreaths for commercial buildings! Giant Holiday Wreaths & Decorations.

When it comes to Giant Holiday decorations, wreaths & bows,  Mosca Design is the industry leader! Our Mosca bows are lightweight, weatherproof and ship completely assembled. Designed specifically for commercial decorating, our GIANT bows are ideal for buildings, malls, towns and other large scale holiday settings. Choose from 4 foot, 6 foot and 8 foot tall bows in a variety of styles and colors. Giant Holiday Wreaths & Decorations.

Our Giant exterior wreaths  are fire retardardant and have a 3 year warranty. It is four feet tall, lightweight, weatherproof and ships completely assembled. Designed for commercial decorating, our GIANT bows are ideal for malls, towns and other large scale holiday settings. We recommend this bow for wreaths that have a 36 inch ring. Giant Holiday Wreaths & Decorations.

Tell the world it's Christmas  in a big way with Mosca Huge Christmas wreath. Everything about this Christmas wreath is dramatic, from the bow to the lights. We have Green energy efficiant holiday lights with all Giant Mosca holiday decor! Giant Holiday Wreaths & Decorations.

Christmas Garlands: Mosca Garland collection of artificial Christmas garlands! We offer a wide variety of classic holiday greenery, including unlit, prelit, and commercial garlands. Our beautiful decorated garlands are made for city centers street light poles & hotel resorts to strip malls your easy solution for instant Christmas decorations. Visit Mosca Holiday Garlands

If you need installation, Mosca Design may be able to help you out.

Our installation crews are well trained and use quality equipment to set up.  Also, crews will provide maintenance on all the lights and decorations.  Once the holiday season is over, our crews will return and remove all lighting and decorations.  We safely and carefully handle the decorations to ensure extended life.  Whether it is being stored at a provided location or you need us to store it, all items will be handled carefully.

New custom designs are being created as we speak.  Our design team would love to hear from you concerning your unique needs.  If you can imagine it, we can design and build it!  Call us at (800)-322-6798 to talk with our decoration consultants, shop/browse our website, or try our newly re-amped “Request A Quote” process. 

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