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Take A Stroll With Mosca Design's Holiday Pole Decor

Nothing is more charming in the fall and winter than a stroll down a quaint city street that has been decked out for the holidays! The quintessential town holiday decor are the lamp posts and poles wrapped in garland with outdoor bows and/or wreaths proudly perched at the top. These sights have become the emblem of holiday spirit on almost every main street USA. It connects us to our past and carries us into the future.

Mosca Design has holiday pole decor and lamp post designs that create such an inviting outdoor ambiance, it is impossible to resist the urge to park the car and set out on foot to enjoy the scenery. These decked out poles and lamp posts are perfect for downtown shopping districts, historic districts, waterside parks, port districts, shopping centers, business parks, and urban centers. They call to residents, visiting relatives, tourists, and customers. They make everyone want to linger longer and soak up the holiday grandeur.

Mosca Design offers a wide variety of holiday bows, commercial wreaths, commercial lights, and garland to chose from all of which can be mixed and matched to create a custom look. Some people prefer the more traditional garland that looks like natural greenery while others prefer the more whimsical red garland that can turn a pole or lamp post into a candy cane!

The holiday pole and lamp post wreaths that Mosca Design offer are not like the typical wreaths that people hang on their front door. These are commercial wreaths which are much larger and able to withstand the wintertime weather elements! In fact, these wreaths usually last several years, making them easier on the budget!

You can choose from a wide variety of traditional pole-mounted Christmas decorations including heavenly angels, nativity stars, Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, gift packages, Christmas bells, Santa Claus, Old Man Winter, snowmen, leaping reindeer, poinsettias, holly, French horns, and candy canes. Mosca Design also offers Kwanzaa, Menorah, and the Star of David pole-mounted decorations.
If you prefer something more whimsical for your holiday festivities, you may enjoy pole-mounted mythical creatures like mermaids, elves, or perhaps a snowman tipping his hat. If you are catering to the big kids at heart, you might choose giant colorful Christmas lollipops or playful Christmas penguins. If you happen to be located in Florida, you can choose pole-mounted palm trees with Christmas lights rather than Christmas trees!

If your municipal district or business is located in a coastal region, you may prefer a nautical or seascape holiday themes. Mosca Design offers pole-mounted and holiday themed ship anchors, conch shells, sailboats, sailboat wreaths, sea turtles, sea horses, sharks, sand dollars, and a large-scale scallop and pearl.

They say no two snowflakes are alike. Each has its own unique geometric pattern. This is why Mosca Design has created a wide selection of pole mounted snowflakes, each with its own unique character and sophistication. This gives you two options. You can select similar styles for each pole for a more uniform pattern on your street or you can use different styles of snowflake on each pole to simulate what Mother Nature does as she crystalizes water into uniquely patterned snowflakes!

All of Mosca Design's lamp pole decorations and pole-mounted decorations can be lit with commercial lights, either incandescent lights or LED lights. This makes the holiday designs you choose beautiful both during the day and at night.
If you are looking for high quality outdoor bows, commercial wreaths, and other pole-mounted or flag pole holiday decorations, give Mosca Design a call to get expert advice on how to deck out your outdoor space. You can select products from their extensive catalog or have something custom designed. The products can be shipped anywhere in the United States or installed by Mosca Design if you are located in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Another fun way to figure out what decorations you want to order from Mosca Design is to visit some towns and/or businesses where their designs are already placed or take a look at the online galleries featuring Mosca Design products already installed. When you call Mosca Design, talk to your representative to determine if there are examples of Mosca Design work within travel distance from your location. You can also ask them to suggest online galleries to look through and ask any questions that you may have. Mosca Design is well known to have superior customer service and will help you in any way they can.

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