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Street Pole Banners

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Street/Light Pole Banners and Customization

In the Mid-Atlantic States, Mosca Design is one of the leaders in providing seasonal pole banners to a variety of communities.  If you own a business or shopping center, work at a school or city council and want to make a statement or show off some flare for a special occasion, let Mosca Design help get what you need.

Our team of decoration consultants deal with customers/clients personally to help them turn their vision into reality.  We offer a wide variety of different size banners which can be customized any way seen fit.  One of the best things about street pole banners are that they can be year round decorations.  Whether you want patriotic pole banners for Independence Day, or summer banners to brighten the season, we can make it happen.

We offer two types of printing on banners.  Screen print banners, or digital print banners.  All screen print banners are printed on a marine acrylic fabric and can be more in price based on the number of different inks used to print the banner.  Digital print banners are printed on a reinforced vinyl fabric and can be printed with any number of different inks. 

We also offer a large variety of stock banners with pre-made graphics printed on them.  They can be modified to display a logo, town name, or special event on them.

Banners are a great part of any town holiday décor.  Any place from downtown street pole banners, to neighborhood street pole banners, to municipal/shopping center pole banners, they are a key part in any decorative display.

Banner hardware is another key part in decorative seasonal banners.  We offer numerous types and brands of banner hardware.  Titan Banner Bracket Hardware and Bannerflex Hardware are two great examples of the quality hardware we have to offer. 

If you need installation, Mosca Design may be able to help you out.

Our installation crews are well trained and use quality equipment to set up.  Also, crews will provide maintenance on all the pole banners and hardware.  Once the holiday season or display program is over, our crews will return and remove or replace all pole banners and hardware.  We safely and carefully handle the pole banners to ensure extended life.  Whether it is being stored at a provided location or you need us to store it, all items will be handled carefully.

New custom designs are being created as we speak.  Our design team would love to hear from you concerning your unique needs.  If you can imagine it, we can design and build it!  Call us at (800)-322-6798 to talk with our decoration consultants, shop/browse our website, or try our newly re-amped “Request A Quote” process.

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