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Artificial Snow

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Mosca Design team wants you to dream of a white Christmas in 2012 let us create  Christmas inside with our artificial snow products for your Hotel / Commercial Mall / Auto Mall or Corporate headquarters. Using Mosca Design team for your ultra commercial holiday decor you can decorate your office park or commercial property with snow white splendor for the whole Christmas season.Create a “white Christmas” using a little imagination and a few simple decorations with Mosca Design! Whether you want a touch of glittery snow. Once you've created the perfect Christmas wonderland, you need to finish it off with fresh blanket of snow!  or a breathtaking white room, the ideas below will help you bring a winter wonderland to life. Visit our Holiday decor page for all your commercial holiday needs! 

Holiday Decor SNOW SUPPLIES & prices  

     DC 2    Snowblanket   32" wide x 45' long x 2" thick         $69.00    roll 

DC 4    Snowblanket   60" wide x 30' long x 4" thick         $129.00    roll 

WNT-1    White Netting   100 yard roll   72" wide         $125.00    roll

WSF-1    Realistic White Scatterflakes   25 lb. box        $95.00    box

ISF-1      Iridescent Scatterflakes   10 lb. box               $129.00    box 

Mosca Design crews will return after the holiday season is over and remove all lighting and decorations. We safely and carefully pack all products to ensure extended life and prevent accidental damage. Once all items have been removed and placed in boxes we take them to Mosca Design storage facility for safe storage over the next 12 months. New custom designs are being created as we speak.Our design team would love to hear from you concerning your unique needs. If you can imagine it, we can design and build it !  Mosca Design area of focus starts with architectural Oraments to Custom Holiday Led Lighting. To talk with George direct Call George Mosca at at 800-332-6798 or email us today.

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