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Mosca Designs new 2012 Santa Claus Chairs & Santa Thrones New Stain Resistant Poly!

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It's a sure sign the holidays are here, Santa Claus arrived at the Governor’s Square Mall right on time. With lights flashing and sirens wailing Santa made his way to awaiting boys and girls at the mall; He sat in his new Santa Claus Chair created by Mosca Design!

The children, so excited to see Saint Nic, didn't even ask what happened to his sleigh or reindeer. Many Children enjoyed a brief moment with Santa Claus and perhaps the Christmas wishes they inquired about! Of Course Santa talked about being good all year to Boys and Girls!

Santa tells us the sleigh is in the shop and the reindeer are resting up.Santa Claus handed out holiday goodie bags to the children and he also posed for a few photos.

The much anticipated Santa’s Claus Arrival will be celebrated.  The event promises to be a one of a kind experience.  The indoor scene for the special effects production show is pure excitment with a light show, pyrotechnics, and snow flakes falling from the sky.

The fun with an energetic dance party and stage show, while a full cast of strolling performers provide non-stop entertainment, from stilt walkers and magicians to Mr & Mrs. Claus, the elves, and an array of characters.  Santa's Palace will come to life as the snow sweep the holiday decor!

All eyes look to the skies to catch the rooftop arrival of Santa in a magical, enlightening moment. Mosca Design is ready to create your Commercial Mall Holiday experience!

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