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Mosca Design & Custom Lighting: The Pride of Your Town or Business

Our ancestors were cave dwellers who only had the moon, stars, and fire to light their way on an otherwise dark night. However, through the miracle of modern technology, the night time of the modern world has been transformed into cities of light. In fact, satellite images show our planet is now an intricate network of light at night.  Why and how did this happen?

Basically, humans love light! They adore it in fact. They revel in light!
And, when you combine light with the large scale creative designs from Mosca Design, you end up with spectacular treats for the eyes like the dazzling displays at the Tanglewood Festival of Lights that people drive hundreds of miles to see every year!  And that's not all.

Mosca Design provides commercial Christmas lights and other seasonal lighting displays for towns, cities, parks, malls, shopping centers, business parks, festivals, and other outdoor venues. These include animated lights on giant Christmas trees that have a completely mesmerizing effect on all who see them. Some of these Christmas tree lights even twinkle! There's also the giant twelve foot diameter sphere Mosca Design created that features ever-changing patterns of light and color that people find so stunning in the night time sky, they simply can't take their eyes off it. Move over Time Square, Mosca Design is here! 

Mosca Design also offers some special light features, like snow fall tubes, that make people want to just stand right in the middle of their light displays and look up in awe! Pictures and videos of these displays, although beautiful, simply don't capture the entire experience Mosca Design achieves with animated lights!
And here's something else that no one can ever forget:
Mosca Design has created drive through lighted tunnels that puts the driver and his or her passengers right in the middle of the cascading animated lighting patterns. As they drive through the tunnel, the whole display envelopes them! It is a unique and unforgettable experience.

You can choose traditional decorations like pole mounted angels, self-standing snowmen, marquees with holiday ribbons, poinsettia sky lines, giant ornaments, giant panel Christmas trees, patriotic flag street pole banners, fall foliage, pole mounted snowflakes with lights. However, you can also choose to jazz up traditional holiday icons to give them a fresh modern appeal. For example, Mosca Design offers a bigger than life reindeer topiary siting on a bench under a street light with his legs crossed. This is a very stylish design that will put a smile on everyone's face who passes by, day or night. 

Mosca Design also offers non-traditional scenes done in bright holiday colors that produce dramatic impressions. Two popular examples include: 

1. Animated penguins wearing Christmas caps fishing in the dark waters and throwing their catch into the mouth of another penguin!

2. A beautifully lighted ship sailing near a tall decorated lighthouse sending out a beacon of safe harbor into the darkness.

Mosca Design also provides very attractive and highly durable street light pole banners for different seasons, holidays, and celebrations. If needed, they can also create custom-made banners for special events. Self-standing light displays are also available for any occasion.

In addition to the outdoor creations described above, Mosca Design designs inside displays, such as those you would find inside a mall. These displays not only offer customers something festive and spectacular to look at, they can be an entire village to explore. These make shoppers want to linger and relax, and once rejuvenated, continue on their shopping spree!

Mosca Design was founded 32 years ago by George Mosca. During this time, George has shown an unwavering commitment to two things:

1. Creating the most spectacular lighting displays and lighting shows that the imagination can dream up given the latest greatest technological advances.

2. Keeping customer service a top priority at every step of the process, from developing the idea with the client to installing the finished product.

George's employees talk about how much they love to work at Mosca Design. They also talk about how George's caring spirit for their customers is contagious and rubs off on them. Mosca Design has a "feel good" working environment where everyone is happy from the clients to the employees, and yes, the founder and president.

If you are the manager of a public municipality, you could essentially become an overnight hero by partnering with Mosca Design. Likewise, if you manage a business or a special event, you will score big points with both your customers and your boss if you partner with Mosca Design to create an amazing feature at your site. In fact, if you have a pond, lake, river, or even a water installation at your site, the reflection of the animated lights on the water create the feeling of a living Monet painting! Mosca Design can even put in over-sized Manzanita swans to grace this scene.

The creations that Mosca Design can produce, while working closely with their clients, would give anything you see on Times Square stiff competition. These are highly professional spectacular displays that are designed to enrich communities and impress business customers. Give Mosca Design a call today and tell them about your location and your needs. They will walk you through what they offer, including both pre-assembled and custom lighting, and help you transform your site into something truly amazing.

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