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Mosca Design Commercial ChristmasTrees

Mosca Design and Commercial Christmas Trees

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Imagine downtown with a giant decorated Christmas tree. No tree-lighting ceremony is complete without the biggest and brightest Christmas tree from Mosca Design!

If you work at or own a shopping center, park, city plaza, town/city council and you are looking to really make a statement this holiday season check out giant commercial Christmas trees available through Mosca Design. 

Mosca Design offers a large variety of options when choosing a commercial Christmas tree.  These large artificial Christmas trees are built using a steel frame pieced together in sections and then paneled with garland cells that come together and make a beautiful giant tree.  The heights of these trees vary from 14 foot tall to 50 foot tall and beyond. 

Another favorite choice of commercial Christmas trees are the self-standing trees wrapped in natural branch garland.  Sizes in these large Christmas trees range from 11’ to 25’ and are wrapped in your choice of our natural branch garland.  If garland doesn’t quite match your décor theme, then Mosca Design also offers a line of large Manzanita Trees to give that winter wonderland effect.

However, what’s a tree without decorations?  Mosca Design also offers a wide array decorative ornaments to make any tree stand out from the rest.  These shatterproof ornaments are available in many different colors, textures, and sizes.  Be sure to check out the different ornaments that are offered. 

Lighting is another key essential aspect of a large Christmas tree to make it really standout any time of night.  When it comes to lighting, Mosca Design is a leading player.  In fact, Mosca Design has a line of trees made straight from lights called our “Tree of Lights”.  These “Tree of Lights” are built from a steel pole center with strings of lights streamed down to the base. 

LED lights are the new favorite choice amongst customers who are piecing together their holiday display and Mosca Design has everything you need for your LED Christmas tree.  LED lights are more efficient, last longer, and are available in many different sizes, colors, and styles.   Incandescent lights are the default choice when choosing to light your giant Christmas tree, however, if you want your lights to last longer and be more efficient then LED lighting is the way to go.

Topping a large Christmas tree is the final step in creating beautiful tree for your custom display.  Mosca Design offers a variety of different Christmas tree stars to finish of the display.  The nativity star is one of the most popular choices and is available in different sizes, styles, 2-D or 3-D, and yes, they are also available to be lighted with either incandescent lamps of LED’s.


If you need installation, Mosca Design may be able to help you out.

Our installation crews are well trained and use quality equipment to set up.  Also, crews will provide maintenance on all the lights and decorations.  Once the holiday season is over, our crews will return and remove all lighting and decorations.  We safely and carefully handle the decorations to ensure extended life.  Whether it is being stored at a provided location or you need us to store it, all items will be handled carefully.

New custom designs are being created as we speak.  Our design team would love to hear from you concerning your unique needs.  If you can imagine it, we can design and build it!  Call us at (800)-322-6798 to talk with our decoration consultants, shop/browse our website, or try our newly re-amped “Request A Quote” process. 

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