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The Magic of RGB Lights

What Are RGB Lights?

RGB stands for red, green, and blue. However, the spectrum of color one can achieve using RGB lights is essentially limitless! Like the primary paint splotches on an artist's palette, these three basic colors can combine to produce more than sixteen million colors! Humans are highly visual creatures. Color evokes emotion and stimulates the imagination. This is why we are so drawn to sunsets and sunrises! We revel in a sweeping sky of vivid color. Our thoughts and energy are transformed by viewing the glorious morphing color. Our mood often changes as one color replaces another color. Our eyes are drawn not only to the dominant colors but also the more subtle colors mixed within the multi-colored mosaic.RGB lights are very powerful because they allow you to create any mood you want! In fact, using color changing LED lights with a RGB controller system can take your viewers through a whole range of emotions. Through your choice of the color(s) displayed, you can create a relaxed tranquil atmosphere that reduces stress or a happy upbeat mood that compels people to take action!Let's Get a Little More Technical

Here's a bit more detail about how the three basic primary colors in RGB lights are transformed into more than sixteen million colors. First, in the RGB system, each basic color is actually composed of 256 shades of that basic color. Thus, there are 256 shades of red, 256 shades of green, and 256 shades of blue to work with. By integrating various shades in different ways, you end up with the following:256 red shades x 256 green shades x 256 blue shades = 16,777,216 color possibilities!What Are LED Lights and How Do They Relate To RGB Lights?LED stands for "light-emitting diode." LED lights are semiconductor devices that beam light when a small electrical current is passed over the semiconductor material. All RGB systems today use LED lights whether they be a string of RGB lights or an RGB grid screen displaying moving and morphing images and/or text. Sometimes there is confusion about how LED lights relate to RGB lights. People ask questions like, "Are LED lights different than RGB lights?" The answer is that all RGB lights today are also LED lights because they use LED bulbs. A single RGB light contains 3 LED lights. RGB is a system to produce millions of colors and LED is the technology used to display those magnificent colors.The RGB light strings that Mosca Design sells have a 3-prong connector, female at one end and male the other. In this system, each bulb is rated at 3 milliamps (0.03 amps). The most popular RGB lights sold at Mosca Design are the G-50 lights (faceted), G-40 lights (frosted), and G-20 lights (faceted). There is also a G-40 Trik-lit which looks like a bead on a necklace.Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights do not produce heat, and therefore, do not get hot to the touch. This means they do not present a high risk of fire like incandescent bulbs do. It also means they can be used in spaces where people or animals may accidentally and/or intentionally touch them such as on the edge of a stage where people may gather after a presentation to talk or in a park where kids and pets play.LED lights are also far more energy efficient than incandescent lights, taking less than ten percent of the energy to operate. In fact, LED lights they take less energy than compact fluorescent lights to operate. Besides the fact that this makes LED lights the most ecofriendly option for your lighting displays, it will also save you a lot of money in the process!What Are Smart Bulbs?Okay, let's just state emphatically right up front: smart bulbs are COOL! They are connected to a WiFi network which allows you to control them remotely using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any other devise connected to the internet! You can turn them on and off remotely, change the colors remotely, or even program them to come on a certain number of minutes after the official sunset time for your area. You can reprogram an RGB grid screen to display a different message or image. You can make the lights twinkle, fade in and out, brighten them, dim them, and thus change the ambience and presentation remotely! The world of George Jetson has finally arrived (well, almost)!What Are RGB Lights Used For?

This is where it starts to get really fun and where Mosca Design truly shines (pun intended of course!). If you want to add magic to any building, outdoor space, or event, RGB lights are a relatively easy and cost effective way to pull that rabbit out of your hat.

Decorating with RGB lights at Christmas time is always a good way to attract people to the hub of a town. It can also turn a relatively unknown place into a sought out destination simply by generating good word of mouth! People start saying things like, "Have you seen the Christmas display down at XYZ Store?" and "Have you been down to XYZ's town square at night lately... it is definitely worth a trip!" RGB light displays are certainly not limited to Christmastime! They can add pizzazz and excitement to any holiday or special event. In fact, if you are using smart bulbs, you can simply reprogram them to different colors for different seasons or holidays! You can even experiment with different colors to see which one generates the most positive feedback. RGB lights can dress up a business conference and highlight the importance of special meetings. RGB lights can also attract large crowds of people to almost any spot whether it is a tourist destination a chamber of commerce has decided to promote or a shopping district that needs to increase nighttime traffic!The Many Facets Of Color

Multi-colored displays are always a human magnet. Think about it... when people see a rainbow, what do they do? If they are in their car, they often pull over just to soak up its beauty. If they are in their backyards or out for a walk and see a rainbow, they take out their cellphones and start calling people! "Quick... go outside... there's a rainbow!" It's exciting big news. Multi-colored RGB light displays can be used to create this same intensity of excitement and allure at a shopping mall or just about any outdoor arena! They can add positive energy and enthusiasm to a concert or professional conference. They can make something that might normally be boring for kids (and adults) into something bright and fun. You can turn any stage into a rainbow of guaranteed smiles! Rainbow colors would also work well for a zany crab festival, chili cook-off, fiddle festival, car show, or even a tractor pull! Really the possibilities are endless because rainbow lights make everything more fun! Rainbow colors might also be the right whimsical touch to attract new customers to party supply store or a toy store! They could draw attention to an amazing sale at almost any store!Sometimes more subtle lighting choices are preferable. A string of white lights outlining the unique architecture of a museum housed in a fully restored Victorian house can accentuate the charm of the historic place and increase visitors overall. RGB lights could also bring much more focus to a geodesic dome with solar panels on top housing an ecofriendly business. We do not currently offer and solar powered lighting. A display of predominantly pink lights with a splash of green might be perfect for a ladies boutique. A combination of red and silver on a black backdrop might be an effective way to highlight a sports store. A combination of pastel pink and powder blue might work well for a baby store and immediately show what the store is all about.For a truly stunning effect, RGB lights can be used in conjunction with water. If you need inspiration, think of the most famous Claude Monet impressionistic paintings with sunlight interacting with the rippling surface of water! Even in a still painting, the marriage of light and water is always a winner! Imagine doing this live by combining RGB lights with the moving water of a water fountain, water fall, stream, pond, river, or bay!Keep RGB Lights and Mosca Design In Mind For Your Next Project!As you can see, RGB lights are a highly versatile way to enhance almost any place or event. They can be used to set the mood and infuse energy and excitement. They also work well for budget minded managers and organizers who need to come up with a solution that gives them more bang for their buck. The Mosca Design team can help you fine tune your ideas and select from one of their many prefabricated packages. They can also help you customize your RGB lighting displays to make your venue truly unique and inviting. Give them a call today at their toll free number: (800) 332-6798 or visit the Mosca Design website today:

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