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C-9 Incandescent Replacement Bulbs (box of 25)

Sold in boxes of 25 bulbs (41 cents per bulb)

Helpful Bulb Diagram

Another very common and popular light!  These lights are built to out perform and shine brighter than the rest to create the best looking professional display.  These lights are commonly used to light up building perimeters and also very big trees. Available in a wide array of colors.  Learn more about our custom lighting here.

  • C-9 bulb = 7 watt
  • average lifetime of 3,000 hours
  • bulbs rated at 130 volt for energy efficiency and cool to the touch
  • bulb bases are brass to ensure superior connectivity and toughness against corrosion
  • each bulb is approximately 2.5 inches
  • Works very well with our C-9 streamers, giant wreath lighting, and building perimeter lighting
  • indoor and outdoor use



Weight: 1 lb.
SKU: C9Inc Box

Decoration Examples