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G-40 LED Warm White Medium Base (Bag of 25)

Medium Based (E-27)

Sold in bags of 25
200 Lamps per Case
Helpful Bulb Diagram

G-40 lights also known as "globe lamps" great for creating a unique display!  Commonly used for overhead patio lighting!  These lights create a fantastic ambiance to any kind of property you are decorating! Learn more about our custom lighting displays here.

  • 5 LEDs per bulb
  • G40 shape - sphere 40mm diameter
  • 120V
  • .008 Amps
  • .96 watts
  • Not for dynamic/animated displays; static displays only
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Base type Medium, E-27
  • Base finish:  Nickel
  • Cool to the touch

Weight: 2 lb.

Decoration Examples