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Steady Wide Angle LED White Wire Light Set

Steady Burn Clear Lamp Wide Angle LED Light Set

Commercial grade LED lights!  Mini lights are a great addition to any traditional holiday display or program.  Wrap them around trees and their branches to dazzle onlookers and usher in the holiday season.  Place them under snow blankets to really illuminate your display and make it unique or hang them from the ceiling to create a beautiful light curtain!  Anything is possible with mini lights!

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Use for wrapping limbs on trees. Produces a strong, intense light.

  • White Wire
  • End to end connectors.
  • Plastic non-breakable bulbs.
  • 25 sets per case 

Available in 6 different options!

Option   Length   Qty   Spacing   Pricing
G                4'          20      2.5''         $7.50
H                7'          20       4''           $7.75
I                 12'         35       4''           $11.50
J                17'         35       6''           $12.20
K                25'        50       6''           $17.60
L                50'        100      6''           $29.95

Our LED strings use Full-Wave Rectification (FWR) Technology. One piece contruction. Bulbs will not loosen from socket.

Weight: 1 lb.

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