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2012 Mosca Artificial Christmas trees of all styles and sizes including frosted, flocked, and white trees, ultra realistic PE trees, giant commercial Christmas trees, and colored Christmas trees;
Mosca Design has a Large selection of unique and oversized indoor and outdoor artificial Christmas trees, large christmas ornaments, Christmas wreaths, artificial garlands, fiberglass figures, LED Christmas lights, bows, and much more. Perfect for city centers, shopping malls, hotels, banks, and other commercial establishments.Our Standard Artificial Christmas Trees come in all sizes for Commercial Malls, Luxury Hotels & resorts and strip malls for the small business owner!

Flocked Artificial Christmas Trees: Shop our fantastic selection of flocked artificial Christmas trees and see the best selling Deluxe Snow Pagoda and Flocked Alaskan!Frosted Artificial Christmas Trees: Create a winter wonderland with our frosted artificial Christmas trees including our Glacier tree and Bangor Pine.Colored Artificial Christmas Trees: Tree candy for all! Add fun to your decorations with our huge selection of colored trees, including some of the season's hottest colors.

Giant Artificial Christmas Trees: Perfect for all commercial applications, our giant artificial Christmas trees are available up to 60 feet. They are of unsurpassed quality and construction, and are guaranteed to make a giant impression!Artificial Alpine Trees: Our fun selection of rugged and charming alpine trees including lots of new arrivals for 2009. Potted Trees and Topiaries: Add instant holiday decorations with our fabulous selection of artificial potted trees and topiaries.

Mosca design has been in business for 30 years and have a great selection of alpine trees, potted trees and topiaries, upside down Christmas trees, and giant artificial Christmas trees! Check out our Christmas tree construction articles on branch, tree material and light for details on the difference between different levels of tree quality.We have hundreds of amazing decorations in our catalog. Mosca Design offers the flexibility to customize each portion of your Holiday display. No matter what you want to personalize, lighting, shape, size, ornamentation colors, paint schemes, Feel free to Call the Founder of the Mosca Design direct; George Mosca  1(800)332-6798.

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