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Topiary Holiday Decor is Mosca Designs solution for fire retardant holiday decorations!
Topiaries became popular in the 19th century when gardeners began designing small green sculptures for display. One of the most popular formal designs is the two-ball topiary, or poodle, but there are a wide range of other design possibilities, from the classic ivy ball to fun and whimsical shapes.

Mosca Designs can customize your Holiday Decor with any theme thats alows you to get your message to your retail community! Topiaries soften the lines of a commercial market p'lace, bring nature indoors, and add a relaxed, natural dimension to a home. Ivy is still one of the best choices for topiaries. Mosca Design has been working wioth Topiary Holiday designs for over 20 years let your place of business have the holiday spirit your looking for in 2008, Call Mosca Design today or fill out the email form on the right hand side and we will have our sales team call you back and answer all your questions for a business holiday design!

Artificial Topiary is #1 for Hotel Resorts, Hospitals & College Campuses popular solution in traffic retail spaces

Artificial topiary is also a perfect solution for high traffic retail outlets
Many topiary plants do well with indirect, bright light. and its shape stays uniform and well-maintained. Mosca Design will help you Choose your topiary's container to coordinate with your retail decor.

Mosca Design can customize any Topiary design theme related to your Hotel - Restaurant or Commercial retail outlet, let our team create your true holiday theme set! small business or major corporate space.

Shape an ivy topiary into an elegant candelabra shape using wire. Attach a small bud vase at the end of the wire arms and add fresh flowers. Garnish with sparkling ribbon or maybe Add color-coordinated curly ribbon for a festive touch. Let Mosca Design bring the look and feel to your Hotel or Retail marketplace for more infromation Call us today Sales team 800-332-6791 or fill out the Quick form


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