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Garlands from Mosca Design

Garlands are the mainstay of commercial Christmas decorations. While the stars of the show may be the heavenly angels, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and reindeer, it is the garland that provides the beautiful backdrop that make these holiday stars shine their brightest! Garland is an integral part of the scenery, staging, and glory of the Christmas displays we admire every year. And... heavily decorated lighted garlands can be so spectacular, they sometimes steal the show, as they say in Hollywood!

When shopping for garland, it is important to understand that garland does not come in "one size fits all!" Garland comes in different densities and styles. The best garland to buy will depend on its designated purpose.
Let's first take a closer look at two popular garland densities offered by Mosca Design:

A. 12-3-1 Garland
Don't let the number code puzzle you as it is easy to crack the code! 12-3-1 just means that there is one 12-inch branch placed every three inches along the garland strand. This density works best for wrapping street light poles and other poles like candy cane poles.


B. 14-4-2 Garland
This garland is denser than 12-3-1 garland. 14-4-2 means that there are two 14-inch branches placed every four inches along the garland strand. This density works best for large garland swags on the front of buildings and to add the festive holiday spirit to fences and other large ground structures.
Now, let's look at the styles of garland Mosca Design offers:

1. Tree Branch Garland
This type of garland is designed to look like it is made from freshly cut natural evergreen tree branches. Blue Spruce and Virginia Pine are the two primary varieties. You can choose from two-toned, snow frosted, or natural. You can also choose from two different branch colors. Form a committee and put it to a vote!

2. Colored Garland
Colored garland looks a bit like over-sized pipe cleaners but it is not as stiff at the center of course and can easily be wrapped around poles. You can select either regular cut or fine cut with each having a different look and feel. Colored garland comes in a variety of colors including red, green, blue, yellow, and white which gives you plenty of choices for your imagination.

3. Pre-made Decorated Garland Swags
These are among the most popular commercial Christmas decorations on shopping centers, public buildings, office buildings, and churches. They can be seen from a far distance away and offer a stately charm as users approach them more closely. They also look just as good during the daytime as at night. You can choose from several styles with decorations including pine cones, holly berry, ball ornaments, golden stars, and traditionally wrapped Christmas packages.

With all garland varieties, you can chose to have it shipped to you with the lights already attached to it. This makes installation much easier. Choose between incandescent lights which shine a little brighter or LED lights that last longer and use less energy, thus lowering your electricity bill and making them more eco-friendly. For a truly spectacular custom display, you can also choose RGB lights for your garland, giving you the ability to put on pre-programmed light shows to dazzle your onlookers.

The cornerstone to any holiday design is garland, for both indoor displays and outdoor displays. Mosca Design knows this and produces the highest quality garland available for their customers. Give them a call today to discuss your location and your ideas. They can help you decide how much garland you actually need and the type of garland that would work best for your site and project. They can also share with you unique ways to use garland that you may not have thought of yourself. Mosca Design is a company that is known for their excellence in customer service and they will be happy to walk you through every step of the process from generating ideas to the installation of your design.

Before you contact Mosca Design, it might be a good idea to take some pictures of the area you plan to decorate from various angles and distances. You can easily share these via email and this will help the talented and creative Mosca Design team visualize your space and suggest what garland and other commercial Christmas decorations would work best in your venue. For example, some styles of architecture work better with large garland swags while other styles might look better with straight lighted garlands along the trim.

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