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Drive Thru Light Shows: An Extraordinary Experience / Featuring Tanglewood Park

It's a crisp December night as we head out to what has become a much anticipated annual tradition in our family. The kids are buzzing with excitement as they climb into the van. Our son is taking along a new friend this year and his voice has risen to an animated pitch as he describes the mystical experience of riding through a tunnel of Christmas lights. "It's like going through a magical cave with bright lights moving all around you!"
"Wait 'til you see the Christmas penguins that throw decorated fish into each other's mouths!!!" his little sister interjects with her eyes wide open and a big grin. Our son reacts to this by imitating how the penguins throw the fish while our daughter purs her head back and pretends to catch them with her wide open mouth!

We are headed to Tanglewood Park's "Festival of Lights." It is one of the most spectacular drive thru light shows in America and we are very fortunate to only live about forty-five minutes away! Not only is this a truly fun event we look forward to all year, I believe it stimulates our kids' imagination more than any other outing we take them on!
With a million multi-color LED Christmas lights and hundreds of exhibits, Tanglewood Park is transformed into an ethereal holiday landscape. As you drive slowly through this enchanted land, you almost feel as though you have landed on a different planet.
Each year we have been duly impressed with the new exhibits rotated in but we also look forward to our old favorites. My husband loves the animated golfer display because golf is such a passion for him but "Long Drive Champ" also seems to be one of the perennial favorites for everyone. When my parents visit, they most enjoy seeing the nativity scene and religious symbols all lit up.

I have to admit I love the nautical stuff the most with the decorated lighthouse, pirate ship, and fire spitting sea dragon! There's so much diversity in this drive thru light show, everyone is sure to find a favorite.
Photographs don't really do justice to what you see in these drive thru light shows because many of the lights are not static. It's almost like an optical illusion because they make it look like giant lighted snowflakes are falling down all around you. Reindeer seem to hop across in front of you and beautiful decorated birds fly by. When you drive through some of the lighted tunnels, the large bands of coordinated light actually telescopes back and forth from one end to the other. The flames on the giant candles seem to flicker. There's even a Christmas Jack-in-the-box that jumps out and surprises you!


The size of some of the grand exhibits are so massive you almost feel like you are in an IMAX theatre! We love driving through the giant lighted wreaths. There are one-hundred foot Christmas trees with wheels of color that swirl and dance around in interesting captivating patterns. Our daughter loves seeing the fairy tales we've read to her become larger than life. All the Christmas classics are well represented too like gingerbread men, elves, snowmen, Rudolf, and Santa Claus of course. The Christmas swans on the water by the Grist Mill fountain are another favorite of mine.

Tanglewood's Festival of Lights was created by Mosca Design. We have toured other drive thru light shows while visiting family in different parts of the country but this one outshines them all!

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