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Custom Santa Thrones

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Santa Thrones

Each year around the Christmas season, malls and shopping centers usually have an elaborate display of snow, lights, trees, and of course Santa Clause.  Maybe you can remember as a child going to see Santa Clause at the mall to tell him everything you wanted for Christmas.  If you can remember that, then it most likely had a good impact on you, whether you’re a parent or a child.  Here at Mosca Design we work to help build memories like that by providing mall or shopping center owners with the ability and help to create their commercial Christmas display.

The key focal point in the display, from the consumer’s eyes, is Santa Clause himself.  And what does every child do, when they visit Santa? They sit on his lap!  So naturally Santa is going to need a quality chair that not only matches the décor scheme of the commercial Christmas display, but also is comfortable and practical for Santa himself.  Here at Mosca Design we offer a wide array of products to help piece your commercial Christmas display together including, lights, ornaments, snow, fencing, trees, wreaths…etc.  However, we also offer the key piece for Santa himself, his throne!

Mosca design provides a line of Santa thrones that are sure to be a fitting piece for your custom display.  The plush thrones are available in a variety of colors to match your theme and also available in different size/styles.  There is a wingback high top style plush throne that is commonly used for commercial Christmas display and also a wingback low top style plush throne.  Also available in the plush thrones is the “love seat” style throne to fit a large group of kids or a family.  This is great for group photos as well.  For a more conservative look, a plush ottoman style Santa throne is also available.

For more traditional, themes there is a double wide throne available.  This Santa throne is crafted from wood and is available in a variety of colors.  It can also be painted for any sort of custom theme for your commercial Christmas display.  The Santa Throne with the Foot Stool is a great piece for a traditional, kind of royal, Santa display.  This beautifully crafted chair is sure to make a statement by itself to all who see. 

Each piece offered here at Mosca Design is quality crafted and made to last.  If you are a mall or shopping center owner, or work for one, and are in charge of planning this year’s commercial Christmas display, then check out Mosca Design for your commercial Christmas display needs.

If you need installation, Mosca Design may be able to help you out!

Our installation crews are well trained and use quality equipment to set up.  Also, crews will provide maintenance on all of the pieces or decorations.  Once the holiday season or display program is over, our crews will return and remove all pieces or decorations.  We safely and carefully handle the pieces or decorations to ensure extended life.  Whether it is being stored at a provided location or you need us to store it, all items will be handled carefully.

New custom designs are being created as we speak.  Our design team would love to hear from you concerning your unique needs.  If you can imagine it, we can design and build it.  Call us at (800)-322-6798 to talk with our decoration consultants, shop and browse our website, or try our newly re-amped “Request A Quote” process.  


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