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Commercial Holiday Bows from Mosca Design

Large Christmas bows proudly displayed on the side of buildings and at the top of lamp posts are usually among the first signs we see of the upcoming holiday. They are noticed immediately by all ages. Small children stop with a sparkle in their eye and point upwards with their little fingers, "Look Mom... look Dad!" Outdoor Christmas bows instill a childlike joy in all of us but do you know what these bows actually symbolize?

What do big red bows really mean? Why are they so iconically Christmas?
The tying of the gift bow traditionally meant bringing different people together in peace, and harmony. This ornamental knot made of pretty ribbon meant that all people are tied together in goodwill forever, a lasting bond of friendship. It's such a simple gesture to tie a bow and present it to someone on a present but the historic meaning behind it is profound. This traditional symbolism is something to think about the next time you see a bow on a Christmas wreath, a Christmas tree, at your local shopping center, or displayed throughout your downtown area. They are a reminder of the best that humankind has to offer as we bond together and help each other. 

Mosca Design carries a wide variety of Christmas bows to accentuate any and all Christmas displays. These range from giant outdoor bows that are built to hold up in the winter weather elements to small elegant bows that are perfect for indoor Christmas displays.

Outdura Fabric Bows

These bows are perfect for placing outdoors because the outer Outdura fabric will last a long time in the rain, sleet, and snow. The inside of these bows is made with a durable wire mesh frame so they keep their shape really well. Plus, these bows do not fade quickly in UV sunlight. You can choose between a solid red bow or a red bow trimmed in gold. Outdura fabric is a special acrylic based fabric designed specially to withstand the outdoor weather elements. It is the same material that higher end patio furniture is made with.

Outdura fabric bows are outdoor Christmas bows sold in one foot, one and half foot, two foot, and three foot sizes. These bows are perfect for adding to large outdoor wreaths, lamp posts, large Christmas trees, and other outdoor Christmas displays. Giant sized Outdura fabric bows are also available to display on buildings. These are four to six feet in size with six to nine inch beautiful tails on them so they really make an impression!

Mylar Bows

These large Christmas bows are metallic looking bows. They come in gold or silver and have a majestic appearance. Like the Outdura fabric bows described above, they hold up well to the outdoor elements and will not fade quickly in the sun. They also have an internal wire mesh frame so they keep their shape even in the wind. They come in the same sizes as the Outdura fabric bows above, ranging from one foot to three feet in size. Plus, giant sized mylar bows four to six feet with the long beautiful tails are available for display on the side of buildings.



Flocked Bows

These red bows have a classy elegant look to them. They work really well in indoor displays. They come in one foot, one and half foot, and two foot sizes. They are best used indoors or for only a short time outdoors.




Glitter Bows

These bows sparkle beautifully as they catch the ambient light. They are similar to flocked bows in shape and style but come in slightly larger sizes up to four feet. They are best used indoors or for only a short time outdoors.



Vinyl Bows

The outside of these classic red bows are made of vinyl but the inside is made with a steel frame so they hold their shape well. They range in size from one foot to five feet.




Garland Bows

Garland bows are made from garland which works well outside or inside. LED or incandescent Christmas lights are incorporated into these bows so they can light up the night!




If you don't know already know exactly which outdoor Christmas bows or indoor Christmas bows you want, call Mosca Design today and describe your space and project to them. They can help you figure out which bow(s) will work best for you. They are always friendly and helpful. With 28 years of experience designing and building Christmas displays, Mosca Design has extensive practical knowledge and they are always happy to share their expertise.

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