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Commercial Christmas Trees

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Full Wave Wide Angle, C7,C6,C9 & M5 LED Christmas Lights are 40% brighter & No flicker!, Uses 98% less power than incandescent,Weatherproof - Injected molded sealed ,Energy Saving - Energy Star,Outdoor Christmas Lights - Indoor,Commercial Christmas Lights has two prong screw together system. Save energy with our super brilliant, long lasting LED Christmas lights! 


Mosca Christmas panel trees are available in a multitude of sizes, colors and options. Decorations, LED lights and tree toppers are available on an individual quote basis. All hardware is supplied with our panel trees; simply assemble the frame and attach the prelighted tree panels. Pictured is a 46' Panel Tree with custom ornament package and three dimensional star topper. 

Commercial Mall Service Our full-service Commercial Holiday Team has the capabilities to coordinate everything from initial designs and fabrication to complete installation. Commercial Malls Decor & Holiday Trees.


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