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Mosca Design insures top quality Airow banners

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The new Airow is a revolutionary design advancement in the world of banner brackets for exhibiting exterior vertical light pole banners. The use of these types of screen-printed and digitally-printed banners are becoming more and more prevalent in cities for special event promotion and are often used outside of convention centers and event arenas promoting specific major events.

The eccentric taper milled into the bracket’s fiberglass arm allows substantially more wind force reduction than solid fiberglass arms.

The benefits to the exhibitor/customer include having considerably less wind force applied to the light pole as well as to the luminaire and the banner.

The wind force reduction prolongs the life of all components as well as providing a safer banner installation assembly, which is typically installed above public right-of-ways.  

Safety First w/ Downtown Banners

Mosca Design has addressed a concern imposed by light pole owners to have less wind force applied to their poles by the display of vertical banners. The Airow meets or exceeds most requirements imposed by power companies and municipalities for banner display on utility poles.

BannerFlex Airow allows the exhibit professional to confidentially suggest and specify the use of outdoor banner displays around indoor and outdoor exhibitions and special events.

Also, the unique arm assembly is easily removable from the main pole casting, allowing a clean look to the pole when banners are not being displayed, visit Mosca Design for over 1000 banners online.

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