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Awe-inspiring Christmas Trees From Mosca Design

It's a thrilling yearly experience instilled in us from the time we are children. Standing there in an excited crowd on a crisp winter night counting down in unison, "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one...." Suddenly, the lights on the towering Christmas tree are flipped on and the darkness is instantly transformed into a magical place. The holiday colors that suddenly fill the night time sparkle, twinkle, blink, dance, and spin. They touch our soul as we stare upward in awe. It's another legendary Mosca Design Christmas tree making its debut!

Mosca Design is famous for their spectacular artificial commercial Christmas trees! These are giant Christmas trees ranging in size from eleven feet to one-hundred feet! Ask anyone who has seen one in person... they are exceptionally beautiful and their size will "wow" everyone who gazes upon them! Plus, they are extremely durable so they'll last for years!

These artificial commercial Christmas trees come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs ranging from traditional to modern. There are self-standing Christmas trees with natural branch garland that make the tree look very realistic. A variation on this type of tree is branch garland that sparkles! There are also Manzanita style Christmas trees for a classy unique look. Mosca Design is also well known for their modular trees that are put together panel by panel, making them easy to install and customize. For a very stylish modern look, you can also choose from a great selection of silhouette Christmas trees made entirely of lights! This wide range of Christmas trees to choose from makes it easy for you to find the perfect tree(s) for your particular venue and audience.

Panel trees have another built-in coolness factor that will duly impress those managers on a tight budget. These trees are completely modular and it is quite easy to start out with a smaller tree and then add on a whole new row of panels from year to year. In this way, you can buy a bigger, more impressive, Christmas tree as you can find more money to fund it, without having to buy a whole new tree! And... you can send out an exciting press release to the local papers every time you do to let people know that the tree will grow another several feet in the upcoming season!
Mosca Design also provides a variety of beautiful stars to put at the top of their artificial commercial Christmas trees. These include 5-point stars, Bethlehem stars, nativity stars, and starbursts. These stars give the towering trees a majestic look.
Three types of lights are available to adorn the artificial commercial Christmas trees. These are incandescent lights, LED lights, and RGB lights. While incandescent lights are a little brighter, most people prefer a LED Christmas tree. This is because LED lights are more durable than incandescent lights and require less electricity. They also come in more color choices. 

If you have a larger budget, and you are looking to truly dazzle your audience, you may want to consider installing RGB lights on your Christmas trees. These lights can move, flash, and spin! Plus, RGB lights are fully programmable and the patterns of movement can even be synchronized to music! This creates an animated experience you can feel right down to your bones!

Mosca Design's artificial commercial Christmas trees make dazzling public displays in town squares, parks, port districts, and other municipal properties. They also impress customers and clients in business parks, corporate campuses, shopping centers, and malls. They look as good inside as outside! They are just as stunning during daylight hours as at night making them double the fun!




To make the Christmas trees pop even more, Mosca Design offers a wide selection of large Christmas ornaments including shatterproof balls of various sizes, colors, and textures. They also offer foam board snowflakes, bells, and other holiday favorites. You can buy these pre-made or work Mosca Design to create custom ones for your specific project.

Even after we grow up, Christmas trees still call to us. A town square or park with a giant Christmas tree all lit up and decorated just seems to be the place people gravitate to for the holidays. It is the perfect spot to take an evening stroll with your significant other. What could be more romantic than stealing a kiss under a giant LED Christmas tree!

If you are shopping for artificial commercial Christmas trees and/or large Christmas ornaments, give Mosca Design a call. With thirty-two years of experience designing large scale Christmas displays and a sterling customer service reputation, you really can't go wrong with this company. They can ship Christmas trees and ornaments anywhere in the United States. If you are located within the mid-Atlantic region, they can even install everything for you!

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